Kids Braces

Kids Braces in Crowley and Fort Worth, Texas 

Do you think your child might need braces? Like adults, children may need braces to correct bite or tooth problems. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children begin seeing their orthodontist by 7 years old. Some children may benefit from seeing an orthodontist even earlier, depending on their oral health. 

Why Do Kids Get Braces?

Some common reasons children may need braces can include: 

  • Crooked or crowded teeth.
  • Blocked teeth.
  • Protruding teeth.
  • Underbites.
  • Overbites.
  • Crossbites.
  • Open bites.
  • Impacted teeth.
  • Mouth injuries.

Children and teens sometimes want braces for aesthetic reasons, too. Crooked teeth can affect their desire to smile and impact their self-confidence long-term. Braces can make a world of difference to their self-esteem!

Does My Child Need Braces?

Many periodontal complications are hereditary, so if you or a loved one had braces, your children may also need them to avoid future jaw and tooth complications. However, as a parent, you can look for symptoms to determine whether your child might need braces. 

Symptoms or behaviors we commonly look for in children include:

  • Thumb or finger sucking: Finger and thumb sucking can pull teeth forward, create gaps or cause tooth crowding.
  • Mouth breathing: If left untreated, mouth breathing can affect the growth and development of the face and teeth.
  • Trouble chewing or biting: Difficulties or pain when biting, chewing and eating can signify jaw or tooth complications. 
  • Speech impediments: Speech impediments like lisps may be caused by misaligned, over- or undersized jaws.
  • Teeth grinding: Teeth grinding can lead to long-term teeth damage or other oral complications.
  • Popping jaws: A popping or clicking jaw can indicate your child has a jaw misalignment. 

Our Braces for Kids Teeth

Gone are the days of limited options for kids’ braces. Whether your child or teen is more concerned about comfort, flexibility or aesthetics, we can accommodate their needs. We offer traditional metal braces and so much more:

  • Traditional braces: Traditional braces are a customizable and cost-effective option for quickly aligning your child’s smile. 
  • Invisalign®: For children concerned about aesthetics, Invisalign® offers a subtle, effective way to transform their smile. 
  • SureSmile®: SureSmile® technology helps us render an impression of your child’s mouth to create a custom, clear aligner.
  • Clear braces: Clear braces combine all the benefits of traditional braces with the added advantage of an understated look.
  • Self-litigating braces: Self-litigating braces are a comfortable and unobtrusive way to change your child’s smile rapidly. 

Why Choose Mik Ortho for Kids Braces in Forth Worth? 

When it comes to smiles, we’re the experts. Our team at Mik Ortho combines premier, patient-centered care and custom solutions to deliver a comfortable and personalized patient experience every time. We work with our patients and their families to find the solutions that fit their lifestyles and budgets to create happier, healthier smiles for kids, teens and adults. 

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Early orthodontic care can set your child up for better long-term oral health and give them the confidence to show off their beautiful smile. Find out if your child needs braces by scheduling a consultation with Mik Ortho today!