Dental Palate Expanders

In the natural growing process of children’s teeth, the size of their mouth often cannot keep up with the number of permanent teeth coming in. This issue results in malocclusions and general discomfort of the jaw. However, you can combat these complications with a dental palate expander.

What Is a Dental Expander?

Dental expanders are an effective tool to utilize, especially at a young age when there is room for growth. Just as the term describes, a dental expander stretches the upper jaw bone’s cartilage to increase the size of the mouth, a process called maxillary expansion. While this sounds intimidating, expanders work gradually to decrease pain and potential damage to the jaw bone.

Dental expanders can come in a fixed or removable style. Fixed expanders are fastened into the mouth, while removable ones can be taken out like a retainer. Fixed expanders are the more popular option, as the hassle of constantly removing and inserting the expander is eliminated.

What Issues Can a Palate Expander Fix?

A jaw expander is often used with braces to stretch the palate and straighten the teeth simultaneously. Maxillary expansion is usually used in the following situations:

  • Crowding: This is the most common problem children have in their oral growth stages. Tooth displacement and rotation occur as the teeth try to fit within the small space of the jaw. Fixing crowding early on saves future discomfort and helps the adult teeth grow into place.
  • Crossbite: This forms when the upper and lower jaws are misaligned. In a crossbite, the top teeth will close inside the lower teeth instead of the other way around. This issue happens because the upper jaw is narrow, but it can be easily corrected with a dental expander.
  • Impacted teeth: Crowded teeth within a small space will prevent new teeth from growing, causing them to become impacted. Stretching the jaw will allow these teeth to fully erupt and move into their correct positions.

Do Dental Expanders Hurt?

Dental expanders can cause minor discomfort and feelings of tightening following the turning of the expander’s screw. This feeling will not last long and will become usual with time.

Children can experience difficulty while eating or speaking within the first few months with the expander. As the treatment continues, the expander will feel more familiar.

Caring for Your Expander

Cleaning your expander is just as important as cleaning your teeth. Because of its placement in the mouth, the expander can catch food particles, which need to be cleared out. Gently brush the expander at least twice a day, rinse it with water and finish it off using an antimicrobial mouth rinse.

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