Damon braces

At Mik Ortho, we appreciate the constant innovations in orthodontic care that make treatment faster and more comfortable for our patients. The Damon System of self-ligating braces is a recent development we offer for patients in our Fort Worth and Crowley, TX, offices.

Damon braces provide an exceptional alternative to traditional braces, working faster than conventional treatment while producing outstanding results. Damon braces rely on the body’s natural forces to create space in the mouth.

What is the Damon System?

The Damon System was developed as an alternative to traditional braces that reduces the number of orthodontist visits you need. Self-ligating braces offer more efficient and effective care, and the system works faster than traditional braces, too. Damon braces are an excellent example of recent orthodontic innovations that give you the best possible smile.

How do Damon braces work?

The Damon System relies on a sliding mechanism to move teeth into place. Traditional braces use small bands to tie the wires to the brackets on the teeth. With Damon braces, the teeth have greater leeway to move, and they don’t get as crowded as they do with traditional braces.

Your teeth feel less friction because of the way the braces apply pressure, which lets them move faster. Orthodontists won’t have to tighten the braces as often because the self-ligating function eliminates that need.

Advantages of Damon braces

The Damon System has become increasingly popular in recent years. People appreciate the many benefits of these braces, such as reducing the number of necessary orthodontic visits. In today’s busy world, decreasing the number of times you must visit the orthodontist holds great appeal. You’ll get excellent results with fewer visits.

The braces also hold aesthetic appeal. You can get clear Damon braces, an excellent solution for adults or children who feel self-conscious about their dental treatment. With clear braces, no one can tell that you have braces and you’ll be able to smile for photos without worrying about how your teeth look.

Other great advantages of Damon braces include:

  • Ease of cleaning: The braces have fewer parts than traditional braces, so flossing and brushing are simpler.
  • More comfortable: Traditional metal braces can cause discomfort when the wires get tightened. Without any wire tightening, Damon braces offer a more comfortable experience.
  • Many styles: You can choose from clear or non-clear braces, depending on your preferences.

How much will Damon braces cost?

Self-ligating braces cost about the same amount as clear aligners, and typically a little more than traditional metal braces. You pay for the convenience of scheduling fewer orthodontic visits, plus the clear look, if you choose that option. Treatment plans can vary, so get in touch today to learn more about your costs.