Adult Braces and Orthodontics  

Do you want to achieve the smile of your dreams? Try adult braces and orthodontic treatments from Mik Ortho. We offer several types of braces and aligners so that you can decide what fits your needs and preferences.

Whether you prefer traditional metal braces or want to stick to clear aligners, Mik Ortho has an option designed for you. We will help you feel comfortable and achieve the straight and healthy teeth you’ve always wanted.

Do Adults Need Braces?

Adults can often benefit from having braces. Whether you missed out on getting them as a teenager or desire to straighten your teeth later in life, adult braces will help you get the smile you want.

Mik Ortho makes it easy to find a style of braces that will complement the way you live and your preferences. We are ready to help anyone — whether you’re in your 20s or your 60s — find the right treatment option.

Our Braces for Adult Teeth

We make getting the smile you want easier. Our top-of-the-line adult treatments require fewer appointments and do the work faster. Mik Ortho offers several orthodontic options for adult teeth, including:

  • Invisalign®: Invisalign aligners are clear and removable, making them an excellent choice for your lifestyle. Your friends or coworkers won’t notice your braces, and you can eat the types of food you want.
  • Adult metal braces: Even if you missed the initial window for traditional braces, you can still get them now. Mik Ortho offers high-quality, comfortable braces that are customizable and effective.
  • Clear braces: If you want less noticeable braces, our ceramic options are the right combination of traditional braces and modern appearance-pleasing choices. Clear braces have transparent brackets, making them less noticeable.
  • SureSmile®: Using 3D imaging software, we will create SureSmile aligners that require fewer visits and help you get results faster.
  • Self-litigating braces: These innovative braces correct teeth using archwire and clips. They are often less noticeable and work quickly.

Why Choose Mik Ortho?

Mik Ortho takes adult orthodontics seriously — we know how important it is to get a smile you love. To help, we have a premier orthodontic approach for adults, with benefits including:

  • Flexible payment: We aim to help everyone who wants braces get them with peace of mind. Our financing plans simplify the process and make braces accessible to almost anyone.
  • Customized solutions: No two people are alike, making it vital to tailor a program to your specific needs, preferences and budget. We will help you determine the most viable treatment options.
  • High-quality care: We use the best equipment and treatments available to get you precisely what you want in the most convenient and effective manner possible.

Make an Appointment for Adult Braces in Fort Worth or Crowley Today

Are you an adult looking for braces or other orthodontic treatments? Let Mik Ortho help you develop a treatment plan that will improve your smile and overall dental health and make you feel happier. Schedule an appointment with our Forth Worth or Crowley office today either online or by phone!