Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are often a desirable alternative to traditional braces. These invisible aligners slowly move your teeth to the right place, giving you the smile you’ve always wanted. Your teeth slowly move as you switch to a new aligner every week, providing a gradual change you can notice.

Invisible teeth aligners are an ideal choice for adults and teens who want discrete orthodontic treatment. Many people seeking treatment prefer that their orthodontic devices go unnoticed — and with clear aligners, people won’t see your treatment appliance when you smile. You can get the treatment you need for your teeth without anyone ever knowing.

What Do Clear Teeth Aligners Fix?

Clear teeth aligners can fix most of the same orthodontic issues that traditional braces address. They work best for people with minor problems that require movement of the teeth, such as tooth misalignment. The aligners gradually change the position of your teeth — each new set, which is created just for your mouth, slowly shifts your teeth into the right place. 

You can get treatment using clear aligners to correct a variety of tooth problems, including: 

  • Minor underbite or overbite. 
  • Gaps in the teeth. 
  • Crowded teeth.
  • Open bites.
  • Crossbites. 

If you aren’t sure if you’re a good candidate for clear aligners, talk to our orthodontic team at our offices in Crowley and Fort Worth, TX. We’ll discuss the treatment you need and explain if invisible aligners are right for you.

Benefits of Invisible Aligners

Of course, the most significant benefit of clear aligners is that no one else can see them. You’ll get effective orthodontic treatment without anyone ever knowing. No one will realize you are wearing clear teeth aligners when you smile or in pictures. You can keep your treatment to yourself as you embrace a beautiful new smile.

Clear aligners have many other benefits, too. They work quickly, reducing the amount of time you’ll need orthodontic treatment. You can also eat anything you want with clear aligners because you’ll take them out during meals. So many sticky and hard foods that are off-limits with traditional braces can remain on your menu — just pop your invisible aligners back in after you finish eating.

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